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SINE WAVE FILTER Is designed to provide a Sine Wave output voltage when driven from Variable Frequency Drives or other types of PON inverters 

Reflected Wave Phenomenon: Reflected voltage wave generation occurs as a function of the output voltage rise time (M./kit), the length of the cables in the system, and the impedance characteristics of the motor. This damaging effect can cause over voltage at the motor terminals to reach 2 to 4 times the drive's normal DC bus voltage. 


The Solution: Sets Wave Filter eliminates the problem of motor/cable insulation failures, heating, and audible noise. Sine Wave Filter also reduce electromagnetic interfere. (EMI) by eliminating the high dV/dt associated with Inverter output waveform.


Limits voltage spikes below 1,000 Volts for long load applications:

• Greatly extends the life of the motor and cable 

• Specific applications can reach 15,000 feet 

• 30% reduction In Common Mode Current 

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