Radio Frequency Current Transformers (RFCT)
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RFCTs measure PD in the ground circuits of a variety of electrical equipment. RFCTs are typically applied to grounded cable shields and the neutral connection on a large power transformer.

  • Easy to install 
Small RFCT Sensor
RFCTs are easy to install around cable termination shield connections, neutral ground wires and external core ground connections on large power transformers and isolated surge capacitors on large motors. RFCTs cover a large zone and allow for a long “look” down the cable.

  • Design features 
RFCT Sensor
RFCT Sensors are made with a ferrite core and winding which is molded with durable epoxy coating. They are provided with an LB conduit body with terminal box. RFCT Sensors are available with three inner diameter size options to accommodate industry conductor sizes.

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