Ground Path Current Sensor (GPCS)
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The Ground Path Current Sensor (GPCS) provides non-invasive, directionally sensitive Partial Discharge (PD) detection in electrical equipment. It is designed to detect high frequency currents induced on the grounded surfaces of HV components like isolated phase bus duct enclosures, feeder cable shields of switchgear, HV cable terminations, etc.

  • No Risk of Exposure to High Voltage Components


The Ground Path Current Sensor (GPCS) is used at ground potential, so there is no risk of exposure to high voltage components. the GPCS output is current direction sensitive, which allows the monitor to reject partial discharge pulses from outside the monitored equipment.


  • Higher Sensitivity & Easy to Install


The sensitivity of the Ground Path Current Sensor (GPCS) is higher compared to high frequency RFCT sensors and equivalent to coupling capacitors. Eliminating time consuming calibration procedures used during conventional time-of-flight measurements to match measurement cable lengths that reject unwanted signals.


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