How do we know our generator is working optimally?

To ensure a good generator condition, load bank test and transient test are applied on the generator. The load bank test is used to test that which UPS and generator is under load conditions to ensure that they are working optimally. While the transient test is used to detect drastic fluctuation in current or voltage on a device while connected to a power grid (also considered as transient). A device's susceptibility is determined through immunity testing, and transient generators are used to test the device's immunity to transients by simulating transients found in real-life situations.

This method is used to validate the true operational performance and battery autonomy of a UPS system. The primary reason for testing load banks is to perform necessary preventive maintenance to avoid future damages or breakdowns. Load bank tests, in addition to preventative maintenance, are used to determine the current conditions of UPS batteries as well as battery sets to show whether any of the cells are holding the charge, approaching the end of their working life, or about to fail.

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