A power systems study is made up of various engineering analysis investigations. The goal of each study is to have a safe, efficient and reliable power system for your facility under both normal and abnormal conditions.

Power systems study is very essential to preserve the power systems. The study of power systems is critical for the preservation of power systems. A power systems assessment may be required to ensure that protective devices operate reliably in the occurrence of a short circuit or any fault current. However, no one conducts a thorough examination of power systems at the same time.

A thorough Arc Flash study is typically required every 5 years, as recommended by the recent NFPA 70E 2018 standard and OSHA standards for the electrical safety of all field employees.

An Arc flash study typically includes all of the major power systems studies that are considered necessary for any power systems facility (hospitals, power plants, clubs, industries, and so on), so performing an Arc flash study with the recommendations will cover the majority of the power systems study.

Failure to conduct a loads study prior to adding new loads may result in overloading an existing electrical source, posing electrical safety and reliability risks.

We do provide the services as below to help you with whatever required for a safer power plant:

  • Load Flow Study 
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Harmonic Study
  • Protection Grading Study
  • Arc Flash Assessment
  • Motor Startup and Voltage Dip Study
In PQE Power System, we use these 3 softwares to to perform the power system studies which are SKM , ETAP , POWERCAD. For further enquiries you may contact us via email at info@PQE.com.my.
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