Sales engineer

Job Description

This ideal candidate will find, contact, and follow-up with prospective clients. Once they discover the client's needs, they will discuss our product's technological capabilities and business value with the client. The ideal candidate should be able to clearly articulate highly technical concepts to all prospective clients.


Clearly articulate technical capabilities and give technical suggestions.
Partner with the sales team to generate leads.
Find and maintain prospective clients.
Provide general technical support to clients.

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Electrical Engineer

The ideal candidate will be responsible to service, troubleshoot, study and provide solution for power system. They will also help to design drawings base on customer's need, thus to lead a project if the opportunity provided. They should be able to make quality assurance checks in order to keep the product standard high.


Evaluate electrical products and systems by designing testing methods
Test finished products and system capabilities
Keep necessary equipment operational
Project Management including project scheduling, execution, and handing over of Power system
To provide engineering support to project team and customers, including field work as when required.

Published : 16 Jun 2023 View Details

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